Android Studio Emulator HAXM on Mac Os High Serria (10.13)

Well, Android Studio need HAXM to run emulator.

The issue is that the HAXM drivers doesn’t support the beta version of Mac Os High Serria yet.

The driver works but with a little bit of additional command.

First, you will need to disable the Security Protection on kext. The drivers is not sign for this version.


  1. Get into Recovery Mode by restarting and holding down +R until Apple logo appears.
  2. In the top menu click Utilities > Terminal.
  3. In the Terminal window type and press Enter:
  4. Then restart the Mac.

Then you can install HAXM from:

Download the driver from here and unzip it.

Open a terminal and go to the directory of the driver :

Add 10.13 after 10.12, and save the file ( CTRL+X, Y, ENTER)

Run it :

To be sure it works :

Now you emulator should work !

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  • knn

    This worked for me Android Studio 2.3.3, macOS high sierra.

    I don’t understand why intel has not published an update yet, even after release of high sierra. It was for so long in beta…

  • knn

    csrutil enable –without kext 

    means this:

    Enable SIP and allow installation of unsigned kernel extensions

  • knn
  • Burcux

    Thank you for your detailed explanation. It helps. 🙂

  • Bhupal Reddy

    I have followed above instructions but still I am getting error msg as”Permission denied” while running ./ file

    • try to chmod +x first.

  • Ricardo Sousa Barbosa

    it dit not work for me 🙁

  • Susantha Bandara

    it works thank you

  • Alexandrinho

    Hi, I have tried your workaround, the worked, but the android AVD Manager is still unavailable. Do you have any idea ?
    Thanks for your post!