Perl Jedi Plugin Auth

Jedi::Plugin::Auth is an authentication plugin for Jedi.

It handle the authentication for you, saving using info in his database, and returning the full profile in a session when the user identify himself properly.

The plugin provide :

  • jedi_auth_signin
  • jedi_auth_signout
  • jedi_auth_login
  • jedi_auth_logout
  • jedi_auth_update
  • jedi_auth_users_with_role
  • jedi_auth_users_count
  • jedi_auth_users

So you can add an user, remote it, log the user into the session, log it out, update the user information, list the users with a specific role, know the number of user and get all or part of users of the auth database.

The default behavior is to create for you an auth database in SQLite into the distribution directory of Jedi::Plugin::Auth, using your app to complete the final name.

Each of you apps will have his own authentication.

Each user created will have a generated UUID that can be used in your apps to associated the user with his own data.

This is only a plugin, you need to implement the interface and the backend to make it functional.

The documentation can be found here : Jedi::Plugin::Auth

And this documentation provide hopefully enough information to use it properly.

More will come, I’m looking for implementing the MySQL storage in your own databases with your own prefix.



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