Perl Jedi, Hello World !

Perl Jedi, is a web app framework, with no DSL. That mean the framework doesn’t create new magic keywords. The good point is that it avoid conflict with any kind of packages.

Also Perl Jedi do the minimum to dispatch your request to your methods, and return a PSGI compatible response.

You can install your Jedi::App like any other package and then run the launcher to start your app.

A Jedi::App is simple as a Moo package.

I will show you a hello world in Perl Jedi !

In :

In hello_world.yml :

Now you can start your app :

Run a curl command :

Enjoy !


Short URL:
  • MeirG

    A stupid question: what is “DSL” and why not having it is such a good thing?

    • Hi, DSL mean Domain System Language.
      And then it is a language above the language. My point is for Jedi to only use perl language instead of creating magic keyword that will add language above perl.

      The issue with DSL is that if you export a keywords like ‘GET / POST / PUT …’ to handle those request, you cannot use module that also export and use this.

      I have issue while I was developing in Dancer, because in the main class, where my dancer was declare, I cannot import any thing I want, because it lead to conflicts with dancer language. so I have to create sub module that has no dancer inside and do the job !

      Here, the only think to develop in Jedi is to know Perl and Perl Oriented Object.

      A Jedi module is a Moo module, with jedi_* method. No way to conflict with any existing module.