Gitorious Installer for Ubuntu

Hi, I have made an auto installer for Ubuntu. It create a subsystem in a chroot with a minimal quantal system.
This should work on any debian base system with debootstrap and support of quantal installation.

Here the github :

Use a system with nothing on based (like a virtual machine), so apache, ssh, postfix … should be off from the host system. For ssh you need to use another port.

Clone the repos on your host and run the installer. It will :

  • Install gitorious in /var/lib/gitorious
  • Install gitorious script in /usr/local/bin/gitorious
  • Install cron in /etc/cron.daily and /etc/cron.hourly
  • Install upstart script in /etc/init

You have just to reboot after, it should take about 15 / 20 min if you have a good connection.

Tell me if it work for you.



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