Perl Perl::Critic rc file

Hi everybody. I was wondering what is the best option for perlcritic.

I have start using it thought my Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::Celogeek, here my file :

It cover most of possible errors. I don’t get the meaning of “&&” or “||” between the themes. Does they share some rules ? So a “&&” meaning the common rules between 2 themes ?

Don’t hesitate to share your experience on that. (conf, explanation …)


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  • Jeff Thalhammer

    That’s right:  each rule belongs to one or more theme.  You can construct a set of rules by combining themes with set operations.  “&&” means intersection and “||” means union.  For example:

    pbp && core || security

    That meals all rules that are in both the pbp and core theme, plus all rules that are in the security theme.  You can also use parenthesis to enforce precedence, just like ordinary mathematical expressions.  Read here for more details:

    Hope that helps.


    • Oh thanks !
      Well, I have activate a big combinaison of feature. Of course for some module I need to do black magic, so I shutdown some of them because they is no way of doing it in a perlcritic way.
      How can I improve my code with perlcritic ? I mean by reinforcing my code step by step.
      You have the choice for each rule, so may be I should create my theme and define one by one manually. But it take a big amount of time.