Perl MooX::Options

This is a module to easy create command line tools using your favorite object maker system. It work with Mo, Moo, Mouse, Moose and any kind of object maker.


The coverage is now :

Here some links :

If you have some issues with it, thanks to report it on github (or cpan, or here).


Short URL:
  • Alexander Hartmaier

    It would have been nice is the option for the documentation was named ‘documentation’ instead of ‘doc’ so it’s compatible with Getopt::Long::Descriptive and MooseX::App::Cmd.

    • Done. I have capture the documentation keyword, and keep the doc one. doc is stull filtered, and documentation no. doc pass first, if missing documentation is test.
      The version has been post, so you can test it MooX::Options ‘2.0’ :