OpenVPN with uPNP support in 10 minutes

I would like to share a tutorial to get your own VPN with uPNP support.

Your client will go though the VPN completely and be mask by it.

This configuration fit well any tools like BitTorrent, or anything that need to open port on the fly to share data.

What do you need:

  • Host (VPS)
  • uPNP daemon
  • OpenVPN Server
  • OpenVPN Client

Host (VPS)

I suggest a cheap host with enough bandwidth to hold your own connexion.

  • FirstHeberg: for less that 1,5 euros you got 100Mbit/s with 20GB disk and 1GB ram

uPNP daemon

Install linux-igd, it contain a very simple daemon we can plug on OpenVPN connexion

OpenVPN Server

This is a configuration on Ubuntu. You may find the same tools on different other distributions.

You will need OpenVPN and easy-rsa to get a working OpenVPN server.

Let’s start the configuration :

Now we can use the tools to generate the necessary keys :

The “server” and “client” can be changed if you got several server and client.

If you need to build another client just run :

Everything is inside “keys” directory.

Now let’s create a OpenVPN Server configuration.

Now create the server.up and server.down script :

Activate the ip_forward in sysctl :

Create a masquerade rule that is fire on connexion up :

You can now start your server :

OpenVPN Client

You are now ready to get the configuration for your client.

You will need :

  • ca
  • client crt
  • client key
  • config file

On your client, create a vpn directory :

Now you can start your vpn client.

I will not go much on client, it depends on your platform. You need thoses 4 files for all of them.

Test if it works

  • MonIP: it should display the ip of your vps now
  • TorrentMyIP: it will confirm that your torrent works and has the right ip

You can also check in transmission configuration if the “port open” works.

Enjoy !


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