Perl Benchmark Serializer: JSON vs Sereal vs Data::MessagePack vs CBOR

I’m working on optimization of computing and I need a fast real time message packer for storing data in Redis at light speed.

So I have try several serializer, like JSON, Sereal and Data::MessagePack. And I would like to share the result.

First of all, a tiny word about the different serializer.

JSON is a JavaScript Object Notation system. It is available in many languages and support by different server natively, like MongoDB, Redis.

Data::MessagePack has also the same advantage, it is support by a lot of system and server.

Having a support on server side could be excellent to speed up process. You send hash of data in the storage of the server, and ask the server to manipulate the data it self. Like incrementing an element in the hash.

Sereal is really great also but support only few language and no NoSQL server support yet.

CBOR is a new one I discover thanks to your comments guy. It’s a Concise Binary Object Representation based on this draft : The encoding / decoding and size is really nice, but they is no yet a lot of implementation for this Serializer. It is also good to know that this serializer will only work with 64bits system.

So let’s start with the benchmark.

Here the code :

And here the result (AVG of the 3 results) for the small :

Serializer Serialized Size Encode Speed (op/s) Decode Speed (op/s)
CBOR 30 2669101 1146879
JSON 42 724345 1058658
Data::MessagePack 30 1559156 688127
Sereal 38 491519 826427
Sereal OO 38 1181633 1251141

And for the large structure (AVG of the 3 results) :

Serializer Serialized Size Encode Speed (op/s) Decode Speed (op/s)
CBOR 2757 61439 35839
JSON 3941 43761 21503
Data::MessagePack 2653 60074 26879
Sereal 2902 58708 33083
Sereal OO 2902 66166 33083

Conclusion :

First, if you want to use Sereal, use the OO interface. This one is really really fast !

Sereal is really good at decoding and with the proper option is as good as Data::MessagePack for encoding. So if you need high speed and pretty good transport size, Sereal could be the perfect choice.

The bad point with Sereal is the lack of support on other languages and on server side. For example on Riak with where using Riak and we are thinking of moving to MessagePack or JSON to support the MapReduce method. Same think for Redis, MessagePack is supported in LUA script.

If you need good speed, an really tiny data to keep it in a real time server, MessagePack seems perfect. Tiny, fast, compact, and can be expand on server side script.

Also, the new comer CBOR is really a nice surprise. The speed is astonish, and the size is almost as good as Data::MessagePack. The only issue is we are on a protocol really new, with almost no implementation. But this one is really promising. Also we have to take care to only encode/decode on a 64bits system (or corrupted data could come).

Thanks for the comments, so I could have add more test in my bench. I will optimize our usage of Sereal and may give a try to MessagePack in some situation.


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