Git Redmine Suite – Advanced issues manager with git and redmine

Hi, after almost 3 months of hard development, I’m proud to announce Git Redmine Suite.

This suite of tools, is dedicated for task management with redmine and your git repositories.

It has been well tested with “gitorious” and “gitolite”. Of course it work with every git system tools.

Here the key of the tools :

For developers :

  • List the pending tasks of every project you are working on
  • Start a task
  • Complete a task a reassign it to the reviewer
  • Fill the spending time
  • Check the status of the task it has completed

A developer will not need to take a look in redmine anymore, everything will be update for him, and keep redmine up-to-date. Less time in the tracking system, less time lost.

For the reviewer :

  • List the pending review of the current repositories
  • Start a review of a task
  • Reject the review with comments
  • Accept a review and merge it to devel
  • Automatically fill the Changelog file
  • Reassign to the releaser the accepted tasks

The reviewer will receive an email with the task to review, and the repository when the task has been developed. It can easily start and accept or reject a review. No more need to fill manually the changelog, and ask or change anything in redmine.

For the releaser :

  • List the pending task to released that has been reviewed for the current repositories
  • Start the release of all tasks reviewed
  • Automatically fill the changelog with the new revision, the dist.ini or VERSION file
  • Accept the release, and merge it to master
  • Tag the new version automatically
  • Reassign to the integrator the release for testing or deploying

Hotfix :

The hotfix are handle in a separate branch. Multiple hotfix can be apply at multiple time.

Well, I have create a complete wiki for the setting up, and installation. I have also join screencast, and I will add more soon.

Here the project link : Git Redmine Suite Project Wiki

Enjoy, and don’t hesitated to post comment and suggestion thought the project issue tracking.

Celogeek !

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  • Roman

    Hello! How I can use Git-Redmine-Suite with windows machine?

    • Um I haven’t try it. The best shot could be to use it with cygwin.

      Have you try cygwin + perl + GRS ?