SafeNet Token 8.2 SP1 on Mac OS X Mountain Lion (resolved)

The token SafeNet on Mac OS X Mountain Lion doesn’t work very well. Well, I have the drivers 8.2 SP1, and when I plug my token, it just hang until I kill pcscd.

So I have try to kill pcscd (hard kill with -9 option), then start it in debug. But it keep spawning again.

After diging a little, I have found a way that seems to work, thanks to this site :

I have disable the smardcard operation that may cause the issue with the daemon “securityd”.


I edit this file : /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/

And apply the change :

After a restart, it still doesn’t work very well. So I decide to update the “SmartCard Services”.

I go here :

Take the drivers, install it.

So I plug my token (unplug and plug again if it doesn’t detect it).

Then I open SafeNet tools. It appear after a few seconds. I check by clicking Information. It work.

I try my VPN. work too.

It seems to be stable now. Sometime my vpn tell me to insert the token (may be a timeout for pcscd). So I just unplug and plug and click ok, and it go again.

Enjoy !


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