Vim – Pathogen – Link vim and git plugin repos

I was looking hard a way to have up-to-date plugin, and also an easy way to install and found them.

After a while, I have found “pathogen“.

This module will change your life.

Let’s start a reset of your vim config. First move everything into a backup dir.

Then setup a “pathogen” vim rc directory :

Now we create a minimal vimrc file :

And link it :

That’s it. Now everything placed into ~/.vim/bundle will be automatically load by vim !.

Let’s move to a git repos, for easy maintening.

Now the magic start. Let’s add a plugins :

Let see if it’s work. Add a shortcut :

Edit a file, and type : “,t”.
“,” is the leader I have set previously.
The command Tlist should be fire, and you should see the tag list appear.

All vim-script is clone to github. So don’t worry, just go to github and try to find the module you want. You should always be able to clone it.

Here a list of plugins I like :

Enjoy !

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