Perl MooX::Options v3.0

MooX::Options –¬†add option keywords to your object

After a long week of code, I achieve a full rewrite of MooX::Options in a more elegant way.

It now support properly and easily Role with Mo(with trick)/Moo/Moose. And it should be easy now to integrate it in other project.

Thanks “mst” and “t0m” for their suggestions, a great idea. I have learn a lot on this, and I will continue this way.

This rewrite has sadly break to compatibility with Mouse. Sorry for that. But you should concider to use Moo or Moose instead. I have try to keep the support but the Mouse methods are not really well design to be used outside Mouse it self.

For more information: MooX::Options

I have update the doc.

Enjoy !


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