Perl Dist::Zilla::PluginBundle::Author::Celogeek

Creating module with Dist::Zilla is really awesome and simplify a lot of work. It’s design for lazy people. Do it once, and do it forever.

To init your module, you need to create few file and everything will be automatic after that.

Let’s take an example, the module name : MyTest

First create a repository on github, “MyTest”, then clone it :

You will have a basic repos. Now, when you want to release it is easy. Edit Changes file, and add your change after ‘{{$NEXT}}’ by indenting your comment (at least one space).

The version will automatically created starting by “0.01”, so don’t worry about this.

Change the dist.ini and add your need, like ‘PreReqs’ or anything else.

Then just do that to release your module to CPAN :

It will automatically tidy your code (the result), create a new version, commit changes with version number and date, and add copyright and more.

After the release, he will create a git tag with the version, commit with changes, and push it to github.

You can also check the coverage of your code, just run this :

Enjoy !


PS: any question, just ask 🙂 or go to and find me (#moose for example).

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