Perl Movies::Organizer – organize your movie and series collection

Tired of normalize the name of your movies ? Movies::Organizer is a tools that will find your movie or your serie on IMDB, and rename it to a proper name.

The name of a movie will look like : [DEST]/[Kind]/[Title].(Year).[ext]

The name of a serie will look like : [DEST]/[Title]/[S%02d]/[Title].[%S02d][E%02d].[ext]

This name is compliant with Boxee or XMBC software. It will ease the recognition of them.

For series, it will ask your the season and the episode. And when the serie is renamed, it will ask you if the next file is another episode. In that case it will keep season number and increase by 1 the episode number. All you have to do is to push ENTER.

Example for a movie :

Example for a series :

If you movie or series can’t be found properly, use the IMDB website, find it manually and use the IMDB code.


IMDB : tt0773262

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